Far East trip

This site is a personal blog of our anniversary trip to the Far East – our gap month in our fifties.

How it Began:

In the early noughties work resulted in taking Save on regular visits to Far Eastern places which were far more beautiful than photographs show. He came back with stories which could only whet the appetite to travel there together a few years later we planned to visit Bali but yet another terrorist attrocity put paid to that.

In this process of travelling Save built up over 250 thousand airmiles. KDog tried to spend them but Save resisted and we kept them for our silver wedding anniversary.


Round the world was were we started – but there was a problem with this you can’t use airmiles for round the world flights… think again.

Working on the Marrakech trip we decided you needed 3 days to see if not fully explore a place so we picked 10 places each – a month.

KDog, Bangkok, Bali, Anghor Wats, Peru, Hongkong

Save, Rain Forest, Waterfall, Boat Venture Panama, World event, world heritage site

We are visiting:

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Twelve months in the planning – our adventure.

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